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March 2021

We cant wait to share the stage with

these legends ..... Thank you HRH !

December 2020

Massive thanks to everyone who voted for us !


August 2020

Some nice words from the folk at Prog Mag* on this Apostle track featured on the current issue cover CD.…/apostle-act-iv

July 2019: The band would like to announce that we have officially changed our name from 'Apostles of Chaos' to 'Apostle'. After a long discussion we came the conclusion that the original name did not reflect the music we are writing and drew associations with genres we have no connection to. The new name has no deeper meaning or religious connotation for us, we just like the word and think it will be less misleading for someone who has just discovered the band.

July will be a busy but exciting month for us. Big changes are happening behind the scenes ensuring we give you all the live show you deserve. For much of 2018 we were busy writing our album, but our priority this summer is becoming a truly great live band for all of the gigs we are scheduled to play.


More details will follow in the coming weeks.

Behold our first recording under the Apostle banner and the first to feature new members Chris Allen and Ryan Hansen. We're all pleased with how this one turned out and we hope you'll enjoy it too:

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